Bette Ocean Lowline Super Steel Single Ended Bath

Bette Ocean Lowline Single Ended Super Steel Bath

Bette Ocean Lowline Single Ended Super Steel Bath

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Bette Bath / Accessories

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Bette Ocean Lowline Single Ended Super Steel Bath

Being one of the best choices in steel baths‚ Bette Ocean Lowline Bath is a super durable and simple yet exquisite choice for most of the homeowners. The refined Bette Glaze gives an elegant white surface and protects the bath from several harms. It has been designed to be highly scratch resistant. Any abrasive item that can usually be found in a bathroom can’t damage it because it is harder than other materials and has a chemical-resistant nature.


  • Super steel bath
  • Supplied with no tap hole
  • Overflow option: Left hand side or Right hand side
  • Legset, Antislip, BETTEGLAZE® plus[Optional]
  • Spacious, body-contoured lying profile
  • Comes fitted with anti noise pad as standard
  • The shallow tub depth enables comfortable entrance and a water-saving bath
  • Made from : Sturdy titanium finished steel, refined with a unique BETTEGLAZE enamel finish, which is made using water, glass, quartz, borax and sodad
  • Bette steel baths are heat conducting, hygienic easy care, resistant to chemicals, scratch and impact resistant, UV resistant, and reassuringly robust
Bette Hygienic Hygienic
BETTEGLAZE® is designed with hygiene in mind. Due to its non-porous properties and glass-like surface, dirt and bacteria are unable to penetrate and damage your bathtub. This makes BETTEGLAZE® far superior to tiled areas and softer materials.

Bette Heat Conductive Heat Conductive
BETTEGLAZE® utilises titanium-steel alloy, together with enamel, to create its unique finish. The bath's surface is therefore highly heat conductive, meaning that it absorbs the heat of the bath water, including around the neck of the bath, allowing for a highly sensual bathing experience.

Bette Quiet Quiet
The highly innovative design features of Bette baths utilising BETTEGLAZE® technology ensures that bathroom noise is kept to a minimum. The technology prevents loud reverberations from occurring, meaning that you can enjoy your soothing Bette bath in peace.

Bette Resistant to Chemicals Resistant to Chemicals
BETTEGLAZE® is designed to be the most robust bath surface imaginable. As such, you don't need worry about accidents and spillages in your bathroom anymore. BETTEGLAZE® is fully resistant to all common chemicals found in the bathroom, including cosmetics, bath additives and nail polish. BETTEGLAZE® will stand up to the harshest of compounds and remain stain-free.

Bette Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance
BETTEGLAZE® has been designed to be highly scratch resistant. It is harder than marble, steel and plastic, and therefore it is highly unlikely that any abrasive items usually found in the bathroom will cause damage to it.

Bette Impact Resistance Impact resistance
It will give you peace of mind to know that BETTEGLAZE® is resistant to the impacts of usual bathroom items being dropped onto its ultra-hard, ultra-thin surface. It is strong and resilient, like glass fibre, and will stand up to bathroom hazards like no other bathtub surface.

Please Note

    Bath waste shown in the image is not included

    Optional Anti Slip Base and Bette Glaze make this Bath a special order and will increase the lead time by 2 - 3 weeks. Once Ordered, this order cannot be canceled.

    If a bath with different options is selected from the dropdown, then delivery time may vary. If delivery time is crucial when selecting any of these baths please call us for a more accurate time.

Available Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

  • 1500 x 700 x 380mm - NTH - 90 litres approx.
  • 1600 x 700 x 380mm - NTH - 120 litres approx.
  • 1700 x 700 x 380mm - NTH - 120 litres approx.
  • 1700 x 750 x 380mm - NTH - 140 litres approx.
  • 1700 x 800 x 380mm - NTH - 165 litres approx.
  • 1800 x 800 x 380mm - NTH - 180 litres approx.


Bette Baths are manufactured from titanium-steel alloy & enamel. This material is thin and light yet exceptionally durable.

Steel baths are preferred because of their durability, enamel finish and attractive appearance and smooth touch. Bette Baths are well renowned for their superior finish and Bette Glaze coating. They have long guarantees, maintain their brilliant colour and are very hard wearing.

Bette bath orders are usually delivered in approximately 3 - 5 Days however you can upgrade to our premium delivery service of within 48 hours for some baths for an extra charge.

No, there over 500 unique colour options available for Bette baths, and these can be ordered as a special request. Where the bath is custom-built for the client the price can be higher and also the lead time will be longer.

Yes, at Nexus we do offer anti-slip as an option, for more info contact us at 0116 274 4057

Yes, Bette Relax Magnetic Cushions are available with choices of finishes.

At Nexus Leicester, we have a team of experts who will be happy to provide you with professional guidance on Bette Baths, Shower trays or washbasins.

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