Monthly Archives: September 2020

  1. Valor Simple Guide for Customers to select the best fireplace

    Valor - Simple Guide for choosing the correct fire for your home

    Due to advancements in fire technology it can be difficult to choose the best fireplace for home. Valor offers an easy to view matrix, to help the customer compare products and select the best fireplace.

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  2. Gazco Chimney & Flue Systems

    Gazco Chimneys & Flue Systems for Gas Stoves & Fires

    Before choosing a new gas stove or fire first, identify the type of chimney (if you have one) or flue you have. Depending on the selection of chimney or flue available at your property dictates the choice of stove or fire. To help you make the correct selection of gas stoves or fires for your property Gazco fires offer this guide of chimney or flue.

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  3. Stoves suitable for Smoke Control Areas

    Stoves suitable for Smoke Control Areas

    Increase in Growth of Pollution Rate by Domestic and Industrial gas and smoke emission into the environment - Government Introduced the Clean Air Act of 1956 and 1968. These Acts impose that residents of smoke control areas can use particular clean-burning combustion methods for heating purpose.

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