Comprehensive Guide: Buying Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

A shower enclosure is a seamless way to add structure and value to the bathroom interior. With a stylish look and keep water splashes inside the shower area. The transparent glass panels create a spacious feel and give the bathroom a contemporary feel. You can choose a shower enclosure with a door hinged left or right, pivot, swing, fold open, or without a door to incorporate walk-in design. Shower enclosures are available in an assortment of shapes and size, that can be fitted with a shower tray or on the floor to create a wet room.

With the availability of so many options, choosing the right shower enclosure as per space and style requirements of your bathroom can become quite tricky. Nexus Showroom has designed this comprehensive guide to make the buying process less confusing for our customers.

Factors to consider while buying a shower enclosure

There are a few decisive factors which are worth considering before buying a shower enclosure.

Bathroom Space

  • Before you start looking for a perfect shower enclosure, you should have a clear idea of available space for fitting. Measure the bathroom space where you intended to fit your shower enclosure. Also, consider the extra space needed around the shower enclosure for the door opening. Take the measurement twice to avoid any errors and unwanted issues. You will need to measure up bathroom space from height, width, and depth.


  • Before looking at the fancy varieties of shower enclosure available in the market, it is always good to work out a budget estimate first to get the best shower enclosure. It will save you a lot of time and help you filter the most suitable choices. You can also use price filters in online to shopping to narrow your shower enclosure search. This practice will not help you in focused buying, but also save you from the feeling that you are getting something lesser than available options.

Choosing the right size of shower enclosure

Choosing the right size of shower enclosure

Selecting the right size of shower enclosure is critical for avoiding future troubles. Always stick to the measurements you have taken and buy a shower enclosure with correct dimensions.

Don't select a too tall or wide enclosure or even a too-small dimension one as it will bring a cluttered or claustrophobic feel.

Choosing a shower enclosure style

Shower enclosures are available in a variety of styles and designs, choosing the right style and shape is critical for the final look and feel of your bathroom décor and functionality.

Square shower enclosure

Square Enclosure

The square shower enclosure installed into the corner space-saving space. This characteristic of these showers cubical makes them an equally beneficial choice for small and large bathrooms spaces.

Quadrant shower enclosure

Quadrant Enclosure

A quadrant shower enclosure fits in the corner with an outer curved shape and is the best to utilize the awkward corner space that is useless otherwise. The outside curved profile provides generous space for a shower, while its modern appearance adds a contemporary feel to the interior.

Rectangular shower enclosure

Rectangular Enclosure

The rectangular shower enclosure is the most luxurious choice and takes up significant space. It is only a suitable choice for large bathrooms and fits in the corner with two walls, one panel or one wall or two-panel depending on your preferences.

Walk-in showers

Walk-In Shower Enclosure

A wall in the shower is doorless design, ideal for creating wet rooms. They are the most pragmatic enclosure with an ultra-luxurious touch.

Choosing the right shower enclosure door

The selection of the right shower enclosure door is critical for its performance and space it takes. Unless you are planning a walk-in shower enclosure, you must choose the type of door that is practical and looks good

Sliding doors

Sliding Shower door

The sliding door is the real space saver as they are neatly packed between the walls and do not require any extra space for opening. This feature makes them an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms.

Hinged doors

Hinged Shower door

The hinged doors fixed with the wall or panel and swing open outwards. They need space around the shower enclosure smooth functioning thus a suitable option for larger bathroom spaces.

Bi-Fold shower doors

Bi Fold Shower door

The Bi-Fold doors feature middle joins that allow them to fold in to get in and out of the shower enclosure. No outer space is required to open and is an ideal choice for bathrooms with less space.