The reasons are plentiful for you to buy an electric heating appliance for your home. An appliance such as an electric stove or fire place can provide warmth for your home and the option of an easy installation, as the need for a flue or chimney is eliminated with such appliances. Electric fireplaces are also a wise choice and a very viable alternative when solid fuel or gas are not available for your home.

Stovax Studio Fires and Freestanding stoves

The Studio range of cassette and freestanding fires has been designed to create a striking feature in your living space with their enticing widescreen flame visuals complemented by an extensive array ...

We stock Gazco’s electric range which is consists of extensive contemporary or stunning modern fires and stoves. Besides these products they also offer many traditional looking equivalents of modern electric wood burners. The alluring Studio Electric range from Gazco include ‘hang on the wall’ fires which have the option of a beautiful white stone fuel bed which adds a contrast to the visual appeal the bright flames.The effect is achieved by Gazco’s advanced LED flame effect technology. The heat output can be set to 1kW or 2kW and you can enjoy the electric fire of this appliance throughout the winter or all year round if you like. During warmer weather you have the option to simply view and enjoy the electric flame effect without any actual heat output. This fire range is available in 4 distinct sizes including the 1, 2, and 3 landscape format stoves and the portrait style Studio 22 which is great for use in narrower spaces in homes such as hallways.

You can install the Riva Vision Electric into a classic inglenook, onto a hearth or install it using a specially designed Riva bench to completely enjoy the views of the alluring flame effects.If electric is the fuel of choice for you, then an electric stove or fire model from Gazco will definitely satisfy you while blending into your home with stunning results.

Stovax's Vogue Midi - A Contemporary Wood Burner

The Stovax Vogue Midi is one of the latest contemporary wood burning stoves to join the Stovax range. With a heat output of up to 5kW, this highly efficient wood burning stove is suitable for use in ...

With its straight forward and easy installation you will be fully utilizing it no time and enjoying the warmth and visuals of an electric fire, all year round.Electric fire stoves can easily be incorporated into your home’s interior whether it is a bedroom or conservatory. Gazco’s range of appliances features cast iron construction which provide them with an authentic and traditional look. These also include intricate designs which match the body designs of their solid fuel equivalents.

Gazco’s electric Riva2 670 fire keeps up with a contemporary theme and features beautiful flame effects including a glowing log fuel effect.

Gazco Riva2 530 and Riva2 670 Official

A new video from Gazco to showcase our highly efficient Riva2 530 and Riva2 670 gas fires. Choose from a wide selection of enticing frames, vibrant colours and smart linings to create a beautiful fire...

You can install this fire with a hearth or into a pre-fabricated space in a wall. Framing options are also available for this fire – from a sleek black glass frame to a stunning smart steel frame. You can then match these frames to your interior by choosing from the many available colour finishes.

Another fire featuring the traditional look is the Huntingdon 30 Electric which comes with a large variety of exterior finishes. You can choose from Matt Black or Matt Ivory paint or choose the enamel colours for an attractive, glossy finish which include Laurel Green, Midnight Blue or Ivory.

Stovax & Gazco Fires and Stoves Range Overview 2014

For over 30 years, the Stovax Group has been dedicated to the development, manufacturing and distribution of high quality woodburning, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves, fires and fireplaces...

A warming heat output from this electric fire is complemented by an ambient, cosy glow which can be controlled easily with the remote control.If you are searching for a more contemporary stove for your home then we provide you with the option of purchasing the Riva Vision Electric. The Riva benefits from Gazco’s Veriflame™ technology which features three different levels of glow intensities with a visually appealing