Defra Approved - Smote Control Area Stoves
Due to growth in the pollution rate by domestic and industrial gas and smoke emission into the environment after the industrial revolution, the Government introduced the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and 1968. These Acts impose that residents of smoke control areas can only use particular clean-burning combustions methods for heating purpose.

Smoke Control Area Fireplace

The latest fireplaces and stoves built to comply with the restriction of Clean Air Acts. Stoves designed to produce immense heat output with greater efficiency and reduce smoke emission. Nexus offers a range of wood-burning gas and electric fires that are DEFRA approved and ideal to fulfil domestic and commercial heating requirements. The wide variety of stoves in choice of finishes, installation style and sizes ensure that you get a perfect fireplace to fit into the style and space requirement of your place.

Stoves suitable for Smoke Control Areas