Neff Slide and Hide Door Oven

Slide and hide door ovens increasing in demand because of the convenient access it provides to oven interiors. Instead of having a left or right hinged door, these ovens feature a disappearing door that smoothly slides under the oven cavity. You do not have to deal with an open door while keeping and removing a food item into the oven that makes a Slide & Hide Door Oven a perfect space-saving solution for compact kitchens. So far, Neff is the only brand that is offering an extensive range of ovens with a Slide & Hide door feature. Besides being space efficient and highly accessible, the modern design lines of these ovens become a seamless part of your contemporary kitchen interior.

neff slide and hide oven

Benefits of a Slide & Hide Door Oven

Space Efficient

Oven with disappearing doors is a perfect space-saving solution for compact kitchens. The larger size ovens already take a considerable cabinet or shelf area, if you are using a standard oven with side-hinged doors, every time you open the oven door, it will further limit the space to move in. With a Slide & Hide door oven, the door smoothly slides away, freeing up more space even with large size models. So, for a large size family, there is no better space-saving option than an oven with a disappearing door.

Safe To Use

When buying any kitchen product, the concern of almost every household is the safety in use. In the case of an oven, the temperature of the door also rose. So, there is a risk of burning your hand in the process of removing food with traditional ovens. The Door of a Slide & Hide oven vanishes under the oven cavity, making it safe to use especially for families with small kids.

Better Accessibility

Double Slide & Hide ovens provide easy and better accessibility to the oven interior to handle, conveniently the Larger food item while keeping in and removing out with no door in your way.

Neff Slide & Hide Ovens