Reina Radiators

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  1. Reina Alp Vertical Designer Radiator - Steel

    was £274.80 Special Price £109.85
    was £274.80 Special Price £109.85
  2. Reina Andes Double Panel Designer Radiator - Aluminum

    was £620.40 Special Price £248.16
    was £620.40 Special Price £248.16
  3. Reina Andes Single Panel Designer Radiator - Aluminum

    was £429.60 Special Price £171.60
    was £429.60 Special Price £171.60
  4. Reina Arlec Aluminium Electric Designer Radiator

    was £228.00 Special Price £148.01
    was £228.00 Special Price £148.01
  5. Reina Artena Double Panel Designer Radiator

    was £420.00 Special Price £272.69
    was £420.00 Special Price £272.69
  6. Reina Artena Single Panel Designer Radiator

    was £286.80 Special Price £186.58
    was £286.80 Special Price £186.58
  7. Reina Bonera Horizontal Designer Radiator

    was £196.80 Special Price £128.09
    was £196.80 Special Price £128.09
  8. Reina Bova Double Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator

    was £435.60 Special Price £174.24
    was £435.60 Special Price £174.24
  9. Reina Bova Vertical Double Panel Aluminium Designer Radiator

    was £594.00 Special Price £237.60
    was £594.00 Special Price £237.60
  10. Reina Bova Vertical Single Panel Aluminium Designer Radiator

    was £409.20 Special Price £163.68
    was £409.20 Special Price £163.68
  11. Reina Camden Traditional Steel Designer Radiator

    was £302.40 Special Price £196.56
    was £302.40 Special Price £196.56
  12. Reina Capelli Vertical Designer Radiator - Stainless Steel

    was £492.00 Special Price £319.80
    was £492.00 Special Price £319.80
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Reina Designer Radiators

Founded in the UK in 2005, Reina Design has evolved to become one of the best and most sought-after suppliers of high-quality radiators. Though they’re not even two decades old, Reina have already developed an impressive understanding of their customers’ wants and needs – resulting in a range of designer radiators and heated towel rails that strives to perfectly match the requirements of any individual interior.

The Reina range boasts an intriguing variety of materials and styles. Their products are crafted from the finest mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium, blending imaginative designs and high functionality to set trends and satisfy virtually any taste. As Reina’s own website says, they design and create more products than any other company in their field, “constantly leading the trend by combining the latest styles and functionality”.

Reina utilise fine engineering of Modern Radiators and the latest technologies to create their truly staggering product range of more than 200 items. They know that we all bring our own eye to the design and furnishing of our home, so there’s something here for everyone.

These designer radiators offer styles that will be at home in traditional, contemporary or even in more eclectic interiors. Browse the range and you’ll find exciting individuality, ambition and innovation, in a unique collection of shapes, sizes and styles.

You’ll find traditional and column radiators, modern aluminium panels, Vertical Designer Towel Radiator, glistening stainless steel slats and squares, and so much more, offered in an array of finishes that includes anthracite, white, chrome, black and polished steel.

Reina are renowned for the care and expertise that goes into their designer radiator line. They provide elegant designs in Horizontal Designer Radiator that are simple, reliable and reasonably priced. If that’s what you’re looking for (and who isn’t?) then you’re sure to be inspired by Reina Design and their beautiful, energy-efficient heating products and appliances.

Now you can select and order your Reina designer radiators direct from Banyo. We carry a wide collection of these unique high-quality Vertical Stainless Steel Designer Radiator in stock, and with over 18 years of practical heating experience, we can help you choose the right one for your home. At Banyo, we always offer the best products in the UK, at the lowest prices and with free delivery. Visit our online product showroom, where you’ll find a vast collection from Reina Rione Double Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator, Reina Entice Vertical Designer Towel Radiator Stainless Steel which to choose and order with a few clicks.

REINA adds excitement to the world of heating”.

Reina Aluminium Radiators

Eco-friendly and highly heat-efficient, Reina’s range of exclusive aluminium radiator designs will complement the interiors of your home perfectly. Available in both traditional horizontal models and striking vertical configurations that will add an attractive focal point to any room, and in a choice of white or anthracite finishes, there’s something here for every décor. Aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, so Reina’s use of it in their radiator range makes good sense.  They offer aluminium radiators in square, rounded and traditional styles, within the following ranges:

Horizontal Vertical
Belva Horizontal Belva Vertical
Casina Horizontal Alco Vertical
Alco Horizontal Vicari Veritical
Vicari Horizontal Evie
Arlec (aluminium electric radiator)

Reina Stainless Steel Radiators

Bold and extraordinary, Reina’s stainless steel radiator designs offer a unique vision of heating. The clean, crisp lines of these cutting-edge radiators make them especially popular for bathrooms and cloakrooms, but they can create a fantastic impression elsewhere as well. The stainless steel radiator range can be loosely split into three general styles: angular, tubular, and traditional. The first two styles both offer a very contemporary aspect and, because they stand well proud of the wall, can often serve as towel rails or hangers too. The following stainless steel radiator ranges are offered by Reina Design:

Angular Tubular Traditional
Capelli Adena Artena
Rima Cavo Nerox Vertical
Square Scalo Nerox Horizontal
Lovere Deno
Egna Helin
Ricadi Adora
Entice Celico
Kreon Sorento
Riesi Pizzo
Arden Troisi
Mina Luna Flat
Bivano Eos Curved

Reina Mild Steel Radiators

Using the premium quality materials for which they are rightly admired, Reina have now introduced a range of radiators built in high-quality mild steel. These smart attractive designs boast Reina’s usual high reliability, functionality and outstanding heat efficiency.
Similar in appearance to the stainless steel sister range, Reina’s mild steel radiators also offer angular, tubular and traditional designs, as well as arresting flat panel radiators that can add an imposing centrepiece to any room.

Vivid and eye-catching, Reina offers the following mild steel radiator ranges:

Angular Tubular Horizontal Vertical Panel
Carina Arbori Coneva H’zontal Coneva Vertical Albi
Osimo Borgo Neva H’zontal Neva Vertical Slimline Vertical
Polia Matera Neva Chrome H’zontal Neva Chrome Vertical Slimline H’zontal
Todi Elisa Flat H’zontal Flat Vertical Ancora
Porte Marco Bonera H’zontal Bonera Vertical Line
Serpe Nardo Rione Round Fiore
Florina Chrome Dimaro Nevah H’zontal Reflect Ella
Sesia Isaro Roda H’zontal Tubes
Felino Pavia Pienza
Rezzo Aliano
Vasto Mirus
Fondi Nola
Lago Teano
Breno Palmari
Elvina Jesi
Riva Claro
Serena Grace
Elvina 2

Reina Traditional Radiators

Reina Design has also introduced a very attractive range of traditionally-styled radiators, which cleverly combine gleaming steel tubes with classic radiator columns. The effect is beautifully unique, and offers all the reliability and heat efficiency that Reina’s customers have come to expect.Ideal for traditional homes, especially those with smaller rooms, Reina promotes the following traditional radiator ranges:

  • Camden
  • Victoria
  • Oxford
  • Alicia

Reina Heated Towel Rails

Don’t forget that Reina manufacture an impressive array of heated towels too!

Bringing their years of proven experience to this new undertaking, Reina have designed and built the Diva Towel Rail range – a practical collection of bathroom heating features, of steel construction and available in a choice of finishes: Diva Chrome, Diva White and Diva Black.