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Want your bedroom to look extra special? It's possible now. We offer high-quality furniture, ranging from modern to classic. What are you waiting for? Your ideal dream bedroom awaits. Now you can buy furniture for your bedrooms at competitive prices to fulfil your dreams. You can visit our showroom in Leicester from Monday to Saturday - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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    Nolte Mobel Akaro Drawers

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    Nolte Mobel Alegro Style Drawers

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    Nolte Mobel Alegro Basic Drawers

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    Nolte Mobel Arias Wardrobes

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    Nolte Mobel Sonyo+ Beds

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    Nolte Mobel Concept Me Dresser

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    Nolte Mobel Cepina Bedrooms

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Quality sleep is crucial for your whole day mood. A night of comfortable eight-hour sleep is the basis for health and happiness. Your bedroom interior can substantially affect your comfort. It is crucial to design your bedroom just the way you want it with the right choice of furniture. From wall colours to the room lighting, to the style of wardrobes, there is a lot to decide when designing your dream bedroom. The bed being the centre point of your bedroom interior can affect the final look at your décor. Bed choice depends on your style preference, type of room, and space. A divan bed can convince option for a small flat for both relaxing and creating collection space. While for a country house with larger-space where the whole purpose of choosing a bed is getting a comfortable sleep, the bed with metal frames, wood frames or a frame covered with leather or a fancy velvet covering can be the choice.
No matter what colour theme or style you want in your bedroom, the storage collection helps you to keep it clutter-free and achieve a minimalistic look. You can select a storage unit with drawers and cabinets in a choice of colours to match it with your theme.
At Nexus, you can explore an extensive range of storage units, wardrobes, and beds in the beautiful designer finish at very reasonable prices.