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We’re a Professional Company Selling Top Quality Fires with nearly 20 years of experience. We offer a wide range of high-quality Gas Fires, Electric Fires, and Stoves for all types of chimneys such as wall-mounted fires, hole in the wall fires, outset fires, high-efficiency gas fires, Balanced Flue and Conventional Flue Fires.

Supplied with Good Guarantees and Excellent Service Support, helping you Create that WOW living space you always desired. 

Gas Electric Fires - Gas, Electric, Wood-burning Multi-Fuel Stoves

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What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Fire

Two Things To Think About Capacity When choosing a gas or wood burning fire or stove, you must take the size into account. The average sized UK living room only requires 3-4 kilowatts (kW) to heat adequately, and it can be problematic if the user chooses a gas, wood burning fire or stove with too high a capacity. The most common mistake made by consumers is going for a fire with a too high a capacity, and subsequently, they can only use the fire sparingly or burn at a low temperature as the room would become too hot. When this mistake occurs with wood-fired stoves and heaters, it results in poor combustion, high emission and blackened glass. There is a simple calculation that can be done

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Importance of a Site Survey and Steps for Buying Fireplaces

Importance of a Site Survey The importance of a site survey should never be ignored when installing a new or updating an old heating appliance. A site survey conducted by a suitably qualified engineer (Preferably HETAS registered installer) will guide you to choosing the best type of appliance, flue system and location of the heating appliance for your home. Also, you will be able to obtain an accurate quotation of cost. It is highly recommended that you complete a site survey before purchasing your new heating appliance, to determine its suitability to your home. During a typical site survey, your retailer will find out the appropriate heat output for the room, the

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What should you consider when purchasing a gas fire?

When Purchasing a Gas Fire for your home it is best not to take any chances. After all, it is not possible to remodel your living room every month. Choosing the perfect gas fire for your home requires a systematic approach, which is dependent upon many factors such as the design of your home, the size of the particular room which you will heat and of course your taste. It is wise to know beforehand what options are available in your home and what exactly you expect from the fireplace. Is heat your priority or is it the atmosphere which your fireplace will create? Or is it both? Fortunately, you do not have to go through the trouble because we will help you make the right choice by

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