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  1. Revised Energy Labels

    Revised Energy Labels

    Revised Energy Labels - Washing machines, Washer-dryers, Dishwashers, Refrigerators & freezers, Wine storage refrigerators (AMDEA’S ENERGY LABELLING TOOLKIT)

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  2. Bleed A Radiator

    How To Bleed A Radiator?

    If you notice that you have cold areas on your radiator this is a strong sign that you have air trapped in your radiator. The cold areas tend to be at the top half of a radiator.

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  3. Standard bathtub size guide

    What are Standard Bathtub Sizes? Common bathtub Guide

    An average bathroom is small in space when attempting to easily fit the whole thing can be like a jigsaw puzzle. Bathroom Vanity units, toilet, and shelving crowd small-space up. The standard bathtub size is 13 square feet of floor-space whereas a corner shower unit occupies 30% less space. You want to change an old bathtub and starving for a new one must look at the standard bathtub sizes and dimensions with the several types such as Alcove bathtubs, drop-in bathtub, under-mount bathtubs, whirlpool bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, and corner bathtubs.

    Alcove Bathtubs

    Alcove bathtubs are the perfect solution for small bathrooms. It's surrounded by three walls and fitted beside the width of the room. Therefore, the longer walls work as the edges and the back wall forms one side. Sometimes the walls are not close sufficient to invent the alcove bathtubs mostly in large bathrooms. Alcove bathtub comes with a length of

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  4. Franke Sinks Variations

    Franke Kitchen Sinks Variations

    Franke offers high-quality kitchen sinks in a range of both traditional and modern design with high-quality materials of Ceramic, Tectonite, Stainless Steel and Fragranite. Franke sinks available with an advanced waste system which enhances the practical benefit and frees up cupboard space.

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  5. Tips of adding downstairs bathroom toilet

    How to Install a Downstairs Bathroom Toilet Within Budget?

    Nexus Showroom offers tips on how to install a downstairs bathroom toilet within budget. Check out the pros and cons of installing a luxurious downstairs bathroom toilet comparison to a normal one.

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  6. Easy Guide for Buying Kitchen Sinks

    Easy Guide for Buying Kitchen Sinks from Nexus Showroom

    Nexus Showroom offers an easy step by step guide for purchasing the right kitchen sink for your Kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen sinks available in different variations, styles and bowl capacity.

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  7. Bosch Autumn cashback promotion

    Bosch Autumn cashback promotion

    Time to refresh your Kitchen?

    Enjoy a maximum of £1650 cashback on selected Bosch Appliances across the range.

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  8. Siemens brand-new Autumn cashback promotion

    Siemens Autumn cashback promotion

    Claim up to £2500 cashback when purchasing studioLine appliances as part of a kitchen between 1st October 2020 and 31st January 2021.

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  9. Comprehensive Guide of Buying Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

    Comprehensive Guide: Buying Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors

    A shower enclosure is a seamless way to add structure and value to the bathroom interior. With a stylish look and keep water splashes inside the shower area. The transparent glass panels create a spacious feel and give the bathroom a contemporary feel. You can choose a shower enclosure with a door hinged left or right, pivot, swing, fold open, or without a door to incorporate walk-in design.

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  10. NEFF Autumn Cashback Promotion

    NEFF Autumn Cashback Promotion

    NEFF has launched a brand-new Autumn cashback promotion rewarding customers with a maximum of £1400.

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