Monthly Archives: December 2020

  1. Franke Sinks Variations

    Franke Kitchen Sinks Variations

    Franke offers high-quality kitchen sinks in a range of both traditional and modern design with high-quality materials of Ceramic, Tectonite, Stainless Steel and Fragranite. Franke sinks available with an advanced waste system which enhances the practical benefit and frees up cupboard space.

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  2. Tips of adding downstairs bathroom toilet

    How to Install a Downstairs Bathroom Toilet Within Budget?

    Nexus Showroom offers tips on how to install a downstairs bathroom toilet within budget. Check out the pros and cons of installing a luxurious downstairs bathroom toilet comparison to a normal one.

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  3. Easy Guide for Buying Kitchen Sinks

    Easy Guide for Buying Kitchen Sinks from Nexus Showroom

    Nexus Showroom offers an easy step by step guide for purchasing the right kitchen sink for your Kitchen. There are a lot of kitchen sinks available in different variations, styles and bowl capacity.

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