Franke Kitchen Sinks Variations

Franke offers high-quality kitchen sinks in a range of both traditional and modern design with high-quality materials of Ceramic, Tectonite, Stainless Steel and Fragranite. Franke sinks available with an advanced waste system which enhances the practical benefit and frees up cupboard space.
Their range of stainless steel sinks is available in a different configuration choice such as single bowl, double bowl and one and a half bowl to give the generous space to accommodate the largest pans. The superior quality material and finishing make Franke sinks insulated to high temperatures and sound. The advanced push-button pop up waste let you empty the bowl by just pushing the button on the rim.
Franke offers a wide range of sizes and designs such as single, double, or 1.5 bowl sink suitable for every kitchen space and practical needs. The smooth sink surface makes them hygienic and very easy to clean and retain the shine for an extended period while giving protection against bacteria, stains, and scratches. Franke sinks are highly durable and made from 100% recyclable materials supporting a green environment.

Type of materials

Franke collection of sinks is available in a choice of high-quality materials, each with high engineering value and robustness.

Franke Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most common material used in the construction of kitchen sinks worldwide. With specifically formulated alloy, Franke stainless steel material offers the highest degree of robustness and durability. The Franke stainless steel materials finished with a superior quality coating that further adds to the hardness and sturdiness. The durable nature of stainless steel materials makes Franke kitchen sinks resilient to the impact and high temperatures. The smooth-coated surface makes it unfavourable to the bacterial growth and maintains the shine for a timeless aesthetic.

Franke Granite Sink

FraGranite or Granite Composite Sink

Franke Granite sinks with the choice of texture are a beautiful and refreshing addition to the kitchen interior. Besides the aesthetic benefit, the granite being the world’s hardest-textured material handles the highest temperatures. The non-porous surface prevents bacterial growth converting it highly hygienic for families. The subtle shine and stone finish adds the natural look. Franke granite is composed of 80% quartz and 20% hard acrylic raisin converting it even durable and resilient, compared to standard granite sinks.

Franke Fireclay Ceramic Sink

Fireclay Ceramic Sink

Franke fireclay mixture made from heating liquid ceramic at a very high temperature, making it harder than metals. The incredibly smooth surface and natural look make fireclay a good-choice for every kitchen. The durable nature of fireclay makes it scratch and impact resistant.

Installation styles

Franke Undermount Sink

Undermount Sink

The Undermount sink sits under the worktop with no rim on the countertop. These types of sinks are most suitable to be used with granite, wood, and solid surface worktops. The under the counter installation enhances the sense of space while giving an uninterrupted cleaning.

Franke Inset or Drop-in Sink

Drop-in or Inset Sink

Drop-In sinks as installed in a pre-cut hole in the cabinet with a rim on the worktop giving the sink weight support. Drop-in sinks or Inset Sinks are the most common type of sink installation and adding a traditional look to the kitchen decor.

Choice of Kitchen Sink Bowls

Franke Single Bowl Sink

Single-bowl sinks

Franke Single bowl or 1.0 bowl sinks is available in a choice of dimension, capacity to meet the varying requirement of kitchens. The deep and large bowls are spacious enough to accommodate the largest of the pots in the kitchen.

Franke One and a half Bowl Sink

One and a half bowl sink

The combination of one large bowl with a half bowl added to the left or right. These 1.5 bowls are an ideal way to enhance the kitchen sink capacity. You can use the half bowl to drain the salads and veggies while washing the dishes, pots in the main bowl.

Franke Double Bowl Sink

Double-bowl sinks

The Franke double bowl sinks with two full bowls are perfect to meet the needs of a commercial kitchen or a large family. With the maximum sink space available, you can double up the cooking capacity of your kitchen.