Downstairs Bathroom Toilet Budget

A downstairs bathroom or a cloakroom will not only add an additional bathroom but also adds value to a property’s value. Before starting you may have some questions such as, how much will it cost? From where to start? The good news is that a downstairs bathroom doesn't have to be costly. The average cost is about £3,000 however this will depend on your choice of products, priorities, and size of the bathroom. This process is not too complicated, with some sensible decisions and considerations, you can ensure the cost of the cloakroom is within budget.
Below you will find all the help you need for building your downstairs bathroom from construction cost to building work.

How much does it cost to refit a downstairs bathroom?

For calculating the cost of a new downstairs cloakroom, you will need to consider a few things, the cost of the products and the cost of the labour including materials. The cost will of course depend on your product choice. With some planning and thought it is possible to have a basic but good looking cloakroom fitted within £3,000.
When you start planning, it is always wise to start with a lower budget as invariably costs tend to end up a little higher. In this way you will have a small cushion just in case you run over budget. This could be used for any unexpected expenditure during installation which are difficult to foresee before work commences.

Why invest in a new cloakroom?

A downstairs bathroom can be a great value addition to your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers. Even if you are not looking at selling, a cloakroom can bring real benefits for larger families as there would be an extra toilet which can be used.

Considerations when estimating a downstairs bathroom?

Bathroom Estimate Cost

As mentioned, there are several things to consider when calculating the cost of your downstairs toilet. You always need accurate measurements of the room so that it can be designed in the best way.
Price difference will also come with selection of the products to be fitted. Whichever fixtures you want for your cloakroom, they will of course add to the cost. No matter what your budget is, you can quite easily estimate the cost of a bathroom with the following useful information.

  • For 5 foot × 5 foot cloakroom budget – removal £200, suite £500, tiling £300, extra elements £100, labour £1,500 = total cost of £2,700. (Assuming just a toilet and basin)
  • For 7 foot × 5 foot cloakroom – removal £200, suite £1,000, tiling £500, extras £200, labour £1,900 = total cost of £3,800 (Assuming a 2 piece suite and also a shower enclosure)
  • For 7 foot × 7 foot higher end cloakroom – removal £200, suite £1,500, tiling £800, extras £300, labour £2,200 = total cost of £5,000
You can see in the calculation guide above; a downstairs bathroom cost can vary from £2,700 to £5,000. Of course these are very broad figures and the total spend could be a little less though also higher.

Online cost calculators

For a more accurate estimate of cost for your desired downstairs bathroom design, you can find several online calculators that can be quite useful. This is an easy way to calculate the total cost for work needed to build an additional toilet.

Maintaining the quality

If you decide to opt for a budget bathroom then yes the costs will be lower however you have to be wary that the quality of the products you select are fit for purpose otherwise you could end up with a very expensive project to put things right.

Bathroom size

The size of the bathroom will not change the total cost greatly. The only significant variances will be the amount of tiling, both labour and tile costs you will incur or other wall coverings. Essentially the other labour costs will remain the same. Often people make the mistake thinking that a smaller bathroom will lower the costs much more than they actually do.