Guide for Buying Kitchen Sink

A kitchen sink is the centre of kitchen functionality and one of the most used fixtures. From washing pots to vegetable sinks, you unconsciously spend most of the time using the kitchen sink. The focal point, a kitchen sink can transform the aesthetic and functional value of a kitchen.
A large variety of kitchen sink with a choice of installation styles, finishes, and size, choosing the right type of sink can be a bit confusing if you do not know much about them. There are certain decisive factors such as budget, available kitchen space and worktop material and finish that worth consideration. This guide helps you to choose the right sink for your kitchen with the perfect stability of form and function.

Installation Types

Buy Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount Kitchen Sink

Undermount sinks are a perfect choice for small kitchens. They are fabulous for saving space and bring a modern look in your kitchen with clean fitting. They do not have a drainer making them more ideal for a smaller kitchen. Solid surface is required to support the sink such as granite or stone because a laminate worktop is not robust to offer enough support to the kitchen sinks weight. The benefit of an Undermount sink is the absence of a rim edge which can amass rubble and muck. You can clean it with a single swipe.

Buy Inset Kitchen Sink

Inset Kitchen Sink

Inset sinks come in various materials, sizes, colours and designs. The advantage of an inset sink is that you can use a few with any kitchen worktop. Most inset sinks have a manufactured drainer board on the side. You can dry your salad leaves on the drain while washing the potatoes. They are simple and easy means to fit a kitchen sink.

Materials Available

Buy Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sink is one of the most common kitchen sink types to suit the most modern range of interiors. These sinks are the most famous for their durability, ease of cleaning, and robustness. The stainless steel sinks are suitable to coordinate with almost all types of kitchen worktops. To regain the shine and get rid of stains, you can easily clean the surface with steel yarn and detergent.

Buy Granite composite Kitchen Sink

Granite Composite Sinks

Granite composite sinks with the highest standards of robustness extend the practical and aesthetic value of bowls, drainer quantities and sizes insert Tangible feel of individuality to kitchens with a collection of colours and versatility. Granite is made from a Special mixture of materials making it hard-wearing and scratch-resistant. The smooth surface finish protects it from the bacterial growth making it hygienic for the kitchen environment.

Buy Ceramic Kitchen Sink

Ceramic Sink

Ceramic Kitchen sinks provide a traditional look with a variety of colours and classical fitting.
They are resistant to chemicals, heat, scratch and stains with the durability and ease of cleaning. Ceramic sinks provide, Conventional look with Belfast sinks.

Kitchen Sink Bowl Configuration

Buy Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Single Kitchen Bowl

The single bowl is a perfect choice for a small kitchen and washing dishes. It does not take significant space which makes it an ideal choice for a traditional kitchen. If you are designing the kitchen for a family of few people with not much load, a single bowl kitchen is enough to meet the requirements. Single bowl kitchen sinks are available in a selection of dimensions ranging from very compact to the one with generous space to accommodate the bigger pots in your kitchen.

Buy One and a Half Bowl Kitchen Sink

One and a half bowl Kitchen Sink

One and a half bowl sinks are for those who need a bit of additional space featuring one large bowl and a smaller bowl with the option of left or right side fitting. The smaller bowl is for things such as cracking vegetables or pouring drinks away when the Main bowl is in use. One and a half bowl kitchen sinks are the perfect enhancement for any practical kitchen.

Buy Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl Sink

Double bowl sinks provide a chore when you have a large group to accommodate. You can use one bowl for soaking dishes while the other bowl used to wash and prepare food. Double Bowl Sink is a perfect choice for large families. As the double bowl kitchen sinks will also need double cabinet space to fit in that makes them only a suitable choice for sinks with large worktop spaces.