Laufen Bathrooms
Laufen Bathrooms

LAUFEN is a premium Swiss brand under the ROCA umbrella, one of the leading sanitaryware manufacturers with a total global distribution network. Over the past 125 years, the company has been at the forefront of designer bathrooms that are multifaceted as life itself. The Laufen products are included of ceramic sanitary ware bathroom furniture, faucets, mirrors, shower trays, bathtubs and whirl systems....

With years of manufacturing expertise and reputation for innovation, LAUFEN continuously produces the highest standard and quality yet at the same time very practical products. With environmental issues to the fore, Laufen has paid particular attention to ensure that they have a good range of eco-friendly products which use less water than conventional models.

Note: We also offer a wide range of Spare Parts for Laufen Toilets. For quick and easy access to product families, categories and total bathroom collections. check out product matrix. Bathroom's New Classic Collection of perfectly shaped innovations coming soon!


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Popular Ranges by Laufen Bathrooms

laufen Pro Collection


A comprehensive Laufen bathroom furniture range offering ultimate sophisticated solutions for almost every bathroom situation. To provide the flexibility of customization, the Pro range from Laufen offers a wider spectrum of choices from luxury to standard designs so there should be a product to suit most budgets. From toilets with standard or soft close seats to a wide range of vanity units with many colour and size options, Pro really is a wide, encompassing range. With modern methods of production and expert designers, the Laufen Pro series has been designed to benefit the customer in the true sense. A bathroom designed from the Pro collection creates an appealing sense of calm neutrality with an unfussy and minimalist look.

A wide array of sanitaryware and matching exclusive furniture is available to give true freedom of choice to suit most room situations. The Laufen Pro Compact range comprises short projection basins and pans for more effective use of space while allowing your design concept to be achieved.

Laufen PRO S Collection


The frameless design with super sleek wall channels is a unique feature of the Peter Wirtz, the expert designer at Laufen, designed this very popular Laufen Pro S range. The thoughtful design of the Pro S collection can be seamlessly combined with any of the products from the Pro series. The new collection is a systematic, production optimized evolution of the previous Pro concept. The slim shaped wash basins with clearly defined radii have a light and stylish appearance while providing appealing functionality of deep bowls. The Laufen Pro-S range offers products at very affordable prices catering for the majority of affluent customers.

Laufen Palomba Collection

Laufen Palomba

The Laufen Palomba series was designed in Italy and was one of the most awarded collections in 2012. The product design lines depict a great harmony in basic concept bearing geometrical and organic forms. The Palomba collection feature toilets, shower trays, baths and bathroom furniture in varied designs and forms to use in combination to create exciting bathroom look. Each product of this wonderful collection can match with all other Laufen collection to greatly enhance the functionality and design values.

Laufen Kartell

Laufen Kartell

Kartell by Laufen is a complete bathroom project inspired collection, showcases the design attributes of the iconic Italian brand and high-quality of Laufen construction materials. The revolutionary and iconic design of Kartell are manufactured through the sophisticated and careful process to ensure reliability. The Exceptional collection was made possible with 3 years of continuous collaboration of the expert teams from both companies with years of experience aimed to bring an exclusive line of products. The company has used the revolutionary SaphirKeramik bestows possibilities and versatility construction base material, enabling shaping included for unique performance and aesthetic attributes to the bathroom products. The thin edge radii of 2-3mm with curved corner are thus technically feasible and give washbasins and tub a minimalist look while weighing half of a normal ceramic piece.

Laufen Palace Collection

Laufen Palace

The timeless masterpiece offering versatility to fit in seamlessly to almost every bathroom space and design. Its distinctively designed large washbasin can be a luxurious part of a hotel bathroom and can be the part of your short on space bathroom thanks to its cut to size feature. The strong ceramic construction material gives it a durable quality against heavy daily use. The Laufen Palace also offers washbasins and toilets in a precise dimension to fit in small spaces while covering all miscellaneous design and practical requirements.

Laufen Ilbagnoalessi One Collection

Laufen Ilbagnoalessi One

Ilbagnoalessi one sanitaryware collection created with the collaboration of renowned Italian designer Stefano Giovannoni is famous for its sparkling design and classic form. Ever since this spectacular Laufen collection was launched, it is casting the spell of its timeless design both for a household and luxury hotel rooms. The sanitarywares and fixtures produced under this range depict a high standard captivating design trend while maintaining guaranteed durability.
Laufen Val Collection

Laufen Val

Laufen Val is another extraordinary collection featuring design concepts by the star designer Konstantin Grcic. The exceptional design approaches and revolutionary properties of the supreme construction material; SaphireKeramik, are the distinguishing attributes of VAL collection. The pure sense of minimalism is reflected through sleek and clean architectural lines and thin edges. The wide array of washbasins, bathtubs and other bathroom accessories with the straight geometric layout and narrow radii add an effortless contemporary value to your bathroom settings.

Laufen INO Collection

Laufen INO

A masterpiece collection by an expert French designer, Toan Nguyen, bears a delicate and alluring evolution of the former Laufen classic washbasin design lines. The resilience of Laufen SaphirKeramik with clever creative approaches are applied to produce weightless bathroom solutions with greater level of practicality. The simple and clean design lines create a subtle and inviting look with Laufen INO collection of washbasins ranging from wall-mounted to wall insert bowl and supreme quality matching furniture.