Q - What material is the SILGRANIT® PuraDur® sink made of?

A - SILGRANIT® PuraDur® sinks are made up of 80% natural granite. Blanco uses a combination of granite with an acrylic matrix, ceramic and colour pigments to bring about the unique colouring and extraordinary quality that Blanco sinks are well known for.

Q - Is the material heat resistant?

A - Yes, the SILGRANIT® PuraDur® is heat resistant up to 280 °C. The high temperature allows you to comfortably use your sink without having to worry about heat damage.

Q - How prone is SILGRANIT® PuraDur® to Scratches and Chipping?

A - SILGRANIT® PuraDur® is a robust and durable material; the high quality enables these sinks to resist scoring and incising. Day to day collisions such as the ones due to handling pots, pans and plates will not cause any cracks or damage to Blanco’s SILGRANIT® PuraDur® sinks.

Q - Is the material safe for use with food?

A - SILGRANIT® PuraDur® is safe to come into contact with food and is also entirely germ-free. Blanco has used Hygiene+Plus in these sinks, which protects against dust, germs, and makes the sink very easy to clean.

Q - How do I clean the surface?

A -SILGRANIT® PuraDur® Sinks are very simple to clean. These sinks can easily be kept clean and dirt-free. Any marks and scratches that appear on the surface can be removed by simply rubbing a damp cloth over the surface. If you find the stains tough to clean, then BLANCO suggests using a regular kitchen surface cleaner such as ‘Cif’ or BLANCOACTIV.